Reviews for DOG NANNY

“A near perfect book. If ever there was a story that made me glad that I am a Texan, this is it….a magnificent book that is witty in all the right places. There are some books that I wish would never end. Dog Nanny is one of them.” ~Coffee Time Romance & More/5 Cups 

“This is a charming and funny tale filled with the joys and problems loving dogs can bring into your life! The dogs and their owner’s antics are funny and keep the story light hearted at places when it begins to get deep…If you like humor, dogs, and really mixed up main characters; this is the book for you! I loved it!” ~The Romance Studio/5 Hearts

“Laugh Out Loud! Funny only begins to describe Dog Nanny.  At points I was howling with laughter…It is truly hilarious. Can’t wait for the movie!” ~5 Stars-Amazon reader comment

“…captivating from start to finish. It’s a cute and charming love story. All of the characters of this book have a story of their own and I just love how Ms. Whitaker weaves them all together to make one incredible story…It’s a book that could be classified as the book of the summer.” ~Long and Short of It/4.5 Books

“…two poodles who were hilarious throughout the book…[t]he chemistry between her and Nick was great too…her fear that he might be into drug trafficking added additional humor.” ~Manic Reviews/4 Stars

“What a Treat! I enjoyed the accurate reminder of feelings of new love and all the potential that comes with it. The sprinkles of Texaslife were delightful…nailed the sexual tension of a new relationship!…got me remembering feelings from my teens and twenties.” reader review/5 Stars

“Best of Show! In Dog Nanny, Ann Whitaker shares a knowledge of dogs and their needs with a superb blending of romance, intrigue, mystery, excitement, and humor. This leads to one excellent read, appealing not only to the young, but also to those of us who are young at heart! Dog Nanny attracts pet lovers and romance lovers–what a beautiful combo!” reader review/5 Stars

“More than a Romance. Typical romance? DOG NANNY is much more than that: mystery and suspense, subtle lessons in dog training, a quiet plea for responsible dog ownership. Yet none of these elements overpowers the romantic plot delivered by a skillful writer who has a special gift for humor.” reader review/4 Stars

“A Tail-Wagging Romance. This is a fun, lighthearted romance with a chick lit attitude. Julie’s smart and good-natured, Nick’s a heartthrob–and the two giant poodles just about steal the story. A fun romantic read, especially for dog lovers.” ~Barnes& reader review/4 Stars

“This is a hilarious written book with the two dogs acting more like children than dogs, Julie trying to correct them and Mrs. Esposito not wanting her to use corrective measures. If you are a dog owner, dog fancier, or one that does not have any pets, you will enjoy this book. There are some scenes that get pretty sensual, but all in all in was a cute read. From comedy to a touch of mystery, to romantic interludes, to training tips, this would make a delightful movie.”~Books, Books, and More Books/4 Stars

Dog Nanny is a sweet, steamy and often laugh-out-loud treat that will leave you wanting more.” ~You Gotta Read Reviews/Rating: You Need to Read

“Dog Nanny is an enjoyable classic romance with misunderstandings and family secrets causing numerous problems for our main protagonists. Blanco and Noche are adorable doggie characters and their challenging transformation from wild house dogs to well-mannered pets is great fun to follow…Julie’s energy and determination to find someone to share her life more than kept me involved with the story. Just give this book a try and you will soon understand why Dog Nanny was a finalist in the 2008 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Contest. ~CK2S Kwips and Kritiques/4 Shamrocks 

“This romantic comedy will be especially enjoyed by dog lovers. Talented author Ann Whitaker has created a delightful story featuring two sympathetic protagonists and a couple of adorable, uncontrollable doggies that will keep readers laughing along the way. The dialogue is witty, the situations humorous, and the events move at an agreeable pace. A fun, hearty read!”~ Mayra Calvani/Blog Critics

Dog Nanny is cute. Ann Whitaker writes endearing and interesting characters and through it all I was hoping that the next trial would finally break the bubbles they kept around themselves. Carmen, the poodle owner, is my favorite and she provides a lot of comic relief when the main characters insist on being stubborn. I give the story three smacks. It is sweet and interesting and made me smile.” Mistress Bella Reviews/3 Smacks