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Rest in Peace, Angel Jolie

Ruidoso, NM, October 2012

Ruidoso, NM, October 2012

Jolie Blon Whitaker died November 6, 2012, after complications from a rare form of cancer.

Born March 7, 2012, in Abilene, Texas, Jolie (who was named after a Cajun waltz) became the beloved companion of Bill and Ann Whitaker seven weeks later.

 As a young pup, she spent many after-school hours in the classroom at Abilene High, chasing a ball while her mistress prepared the next day’s lessons. Jolie excelled at obedience training, as well as learning tricks such as “find it,” “sad,” “give me five,” and “wave bye-bye,” which once prompted a young boy to ask if she could recite her ABC’s.

 “Not yet, but she’s working on it,” her mistress told him.

000_0040Though Jolie failed to qualify as a pet therapy dog, she attended many social events, including the Albany Fandangle Sampler and parades in downtown Abilene and Waco. She also had the distinction of being the only dog ever to be evicted from Tommy’s Burgers in Fort Worth and was proud to be the only dog to be a member of Friends of the Abilene Public Library.

 Jolie died peacefully in her master’s arms at the local doggie hospital, a few months shy of her 17th birthday. Survivors include her immediate family and an uncle, Pucci Whitaker. The family is deeply indebted to the physician whose care, love, and devotion added greatly to Jolie’s life in all respects, Dr. Jered Johnston of South Bosque Veterinary Clinic.



Jolie 2002



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Rest in Peace, Angel Mardi

Mardi Gras Whitaker

Mardi Gras Whitaker

Mardi Gras Whitaker, a devoted therapy dog and 13-pound toy poodle whose engaging personality helped inspire a romantic comedy, died July 3, 2011, after complications from bronchitis. A street dog adopted by Bill and Ann Whitaker in October 1999, Mardi not only responded quickly to several levels of training in his native Abilene but proved himself adept at civic involvement, spending several years as a therapy dog in Waco’s Angel Paws program, regularly visiting hospitals, retirement centers and hospices with his mistress, Ann, and even serving in a funeral. He inspired the funniest sections in a novel, “Dog Nanny” (2009), and even made appearances promoting the book. Many evenings late in life, he lay at his master’s feet during the composing of newspaper editorials and columns at home. In his many outings about town, Mardi knew no stranger and was a sincere friend to all he encountered. He especially enjoyed attending parades. Affectionate, loving, brave, curious and intelligent, he proved himself a little fighter the last three and a half years of his life as he battled diabetes and endured twice-daily shots of insulin to maintain his vibrant lifestyle, including his beloved morning walks. He died very quietly in his mistress’ arms on the way to a local doggie hospital after a sudden illness over the Fourth of July weekend. He was a few months shy of his 13th birthday. He was a good boy. Survivors include his immediate family, including sister Jolie Blon Whitaker, and the physicians whose care, love and devotion added greatly to his life in all respects, Dr. Jered Johnston and Dr. Nicole Hudspeth of South Bosque Veterinary Clinic.


 img137Ann5mardiB100_0302Mardi Big Eyes

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DOG NANNY unleashed in Waco

I’d originally been told to allow three weeks, but it had been barely one.

It was Wednesday in Waco, and my copies of Dog Nanny were out for delivery. Had I been tracking them? You bet.

On Friday they’d left Nashville. From there they’d gone to Memphis and on to Dallas. Now they were in Waco. On the truck.

So we waited. At 6:27 it was my husband, not the dogs, who heard something at the front door.

As we opened one of the boxes, my own two poodles crowded around, excited about the paper and our mood. Food maybe? Nope, just a book with a picture of two foo-foo poodles on the cover.

Can an Abilene vet tech train two wayward poodles, while harnessing her desire for a handsome Waco pilot?

Get your copy of Dog Nanny now and find out. A romantic comedy set in Waco by local author Ann Whitaker.

Print copies now available at the Waco’s Animal Birth Control Clinic, 1531 Wooded Acres Drive, Waco, TX 76710, 254-776-7303; and online at and Barnes & Electronic download available June 12 at The Wild Rose Press.

A portion of proceeds from sales goes to Animal Birth Control Clinic.


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