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DTD e-cover

When Mahogany Marsh, nightside editor at the Desire Daily Democrat, loses a promised promotion, she knows it’s time for a change. But the newspaper business is bleeding red ink, and jobs are scarcer than rain in drought-ridden West Texas.

Her solution: dump her sorry-ass TV news boyfriend and finish that novel she started years ago—the one with only the first and the last sentence written. The one that will make her the new Texas Jane Austen.

With the prestigious Piece of My Heart contest deadline looming, Mahogany cranks out pages at night, while by day she’s forced to work side-by-side with Bran Barker, the damn Yankee who stole her promotion. When she realizes he’s perfect hero-fodder for “Roving Ranch Hands,” her novel-in-progress, things start to heat up—for her fictional hero and heroine and for Bran and Mahogany.

But a relationship with Bran is as doomed as a cow in a feedlot. Though he’s hotter than a chile relleño, he’s also her boss. Dating him could get her fired quicker than she could say yee-haw.

Besides, she already has a creepy funeral director threatening her, a passel of dependent trailer-trash relatives, a missing 198-pound mastiff named Carl, and a back-stabbing colleague out to get her job.

Does Mahogany even have time for a real-life romance?

Available Now at,, smashwords, CreateSpace: Dog Nanny

Doggy do-gooder Julie Shields has one month to save two delinquent poodles from becoming doggies  of  divorce. A self-proclaimed born-again virgin with a biological clock running out of juice, she also needs to find a husband.

When hunky pilot Nick Worthington arrives at the Abilene airport to fly her to Waco, he sends Julie into a tailspin. But he also may be a drug trafficker and smuggler of illegal aliens. Not only that, he’s involved with another woman.

Julie’s quest for a suitable husband leads to several misfires. Only Nick leaves her panting for more. Will she have to put a choke chain on him before the month is out?

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Sizzling Summer 

A special boxed set from the 3WriterGals:

“How hot do you like your romance?”  Each story is a different take on a summer romance, and each story has a different heat level.

  • WriterGal Ann Whitaker offers a breezy, warm romantic comedy with a mysterious hero and !POODLES! entitled Dog Nanny.  
  • WriterGal Cara Marsi ups the temp with the spicy romance A Catered Romance. No poodles, but lots of romance, a hunky hero, and delicious food.
  • WriterGal Lynn Reynolds steams up the room with her embarrassingly hot romance, Love Capri Style. Really. Lynn is just glad her mother never read this one. This one has food and no poodles, and a hero who’s more angsty than hunky.

So choose your temp and choose your hero and start reading!