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Higher Maintenance

I’ve simply become too high maintenance to travel.

For years I’ve blamed my husband and two dogs for all the “stuff” I’ve loaded for trips. But the other day, packing solo, reality hit me.

I’ve never been what you’d call “low-maintenance,” but over the years I’ve come to need more and more creature comforts when I leave home, even for a mere two nights. Granted, on this particularly trip, I’d be attending three separate events, but as I loaded the car, even I was beginning to think my needs were a little excessive.

Here’s the inventory:
—tote bag for three pairs of sandals and one pair of houseshoes (tried them in small suitcase, but they took up all the space)

—a grocery bag with my breakfast needs (oatmeal, raisins, walnuts, Splenda, milk)—even my breakfast is high maintenance!

—small fan in case the motel room is too hot (sweat turns my flat-ironed bangs into Cheetos look-alikes)

—white noise machine

—Caboodle for makeup

—kit for toiletries

—bag with adapters and chargers for Kindle, iPod touch, cell phone, netbook computer, camera, mp3 player

—bag for all the above electronics

—thermal bag for milk, yogurt, and Dr Peppers

—hang-up clothes (a last minute item almost overlooked)

—large purse

By the time I got all this packed, I thought I didn’t have much left for the small suitcase I’d intended to take, so I threw in a few magazines, my pill box (if it gets any bigger it will need its own bag), hair equipment (round brush, flat brush, curling iron, flat iron), and the usual unmentionables. In minutes, it was filled it to capacity.

What will I do the next time I fly? I’ll be broke by the time I pay for the extra luggage.

Please help me become the minimalist I secretly long to be by sharing your packing tips.

Either that or assure me I’m not alone.



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