Blog Revival?

After a hiatus of almost three years, I’ve been thinking of reviving my blog. For one thing, I got a nice note from a woman who said she liked my novel Dog Nanny, and I think she’s now following my dead blog. I also thought, hmm, that makes three followers. My friend Lynn, my new fan, and me. Yes, I somehow clicked a button and now I’m following myself. I seem to be doing that a lot these days. 

I believe that’s why I quit blogging. That and the fact I’m too much of a perfectionist. Yes, there, I’ve admitted it. It took me forever to post just one blog because I was forever tweaking it. And playing with colors and fonts and what-not. And looking up words, like “what-not,” to see if I spelled them correctly. FYI, I am not going to look up “what-not,” so if I’ve misspelled it, I’ll just have to live with it. Unless my friend Roberta, who is not following my blog, corrects me.

Then there were the pictures. I could spend an hour searching for just the right picture to go with the blog. And sizing it and trying to decide whether it should go on the left or the right or center. Not this time. No ma’am. I am NOT going to include a picture with this blog. So there.

Holy moley! (You learn to talk like this when you teach high school for many, many years.)

Holy moley! I just looked and I suddenly have 436 followers! Where did all these people come from? I asked myself. Then I remembered clicking on a Facebook thingy, so I guess these are all my Facebook friends. The ones I abandoned about the time I quit the blog.

Anyway, with that many people following me, maybe I can quit following myself. Except it’s kind of nice to know where I’ve been.



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4 responses to “Blog Revival?

  1. Carol from New Zealand

    Hi Ann, just read Dog Nanny and loved it. Particularly where you had the woman left in the car reading the car owners manual (which I have done). Really I loved the whole thing. Glad you have revived your Blog as I don’t do facebook much and I want to know when your new books come out.

    • Carol, thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad you liked the book!

      Yes, I have read the owner’s manual, too, while waiting with nothing else available. I guess if you’re a reader, you’ll read anything! I’m working on a story now with a 190-pound mastiff as minor character, as if anything about a dog that size could be “minor.”

  2. roberta winarick

    Yay!!! I made it in your blog! I got so excited for you about selling so many copies of Dog Nanny, that I DID click on your Blog, and there I am!!! “What-not” sounds great–I’m not going to check it out or correct you (unless you totally INSIST that I do so!).
    Super congrats on your book sales!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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