First Review for Dog Nanny–5 Cups

Here I was on a lazy Sunday afternoon, poking around on the Internet, when lo and behold I came across my first review for Dog Nanny at Coffee Time Romance & More!

Needless to say, I was thrilled almost speechless (ask my friends—that rarely happens) to find I’d received their highest rating of 5 Cups! Why, the rush from that much caffeine made my heart start thumping like a tennis shoe in a clothes dryer.

Sunday Shannon at Coffee Time Romance says:

A near perfect book. If ever there was a story that made me glad that I am a Texan, this is it. The images of Old Mexico are charming and the Texas portrayals are hilariously true. This book is written in a warm, familiar tone that drips with southern magnetism. I enjoyed each and every character no matter what their issues were. How refreshing it is to read a book that took me away from the present moment and transported me into a small town in Texas where Old World meets New World. This is a magnificent book that is witty in all the right places. There are some books that I wish would never end. Dog Nanny is one of them.

What a great start for Dog Nanny. If she’d said she was buying 10,000 copies for all her friends, I couldn’t be happier.

Click here for the entire review.



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7 responses to “First Review for Dog Nanny–5 Cups

  1. Hi Ann. What an awesome review. Congratulations. Isn’t it a great feeling to shine under the spotlight? Here’s hoping you sell truckloads. All the best,Sharon

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Writing talent and animals. What a fabulous combination. Congratulations Ann!

  4. A well deserved review, Ann!

  5. Thanks, everyone. I don’t normally like the spotlight, but maybe I could get used to it. :-)Ann

  6. What a great review. And animals are my favorite characters too!

  7. Thanks, Mary. I’ve always heard we should write about what we love. I believe animals add another dimension to our lives–and to those of our characters.

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